Monday, January 29, 2007

Category: Music

Unusual Musical Instruments,
Part 2

Some Odd, Forgotten and Bizarre Sounds

Architectural Structures as Musical Instruments

The steampunk piano, and an abandoned silo Echo Device

The World's Most Magnificent Pipe Organs

Simply Blockbusters of Their Time!

Lovely Cowgirls in Vintage Westerns

Plus rarely heard western scores!
Strangest Music Scores, Part 2

It's a mad, mad, mad music!
Unusual Musical Instruments

Spoil your inner "music geek"
Cute Vintage Album Covers

Pretty girls attracted by music
Automated Musical Instruments

Unusual Instrument / Robot Hybrids
Weirdest Music Scores

Play them at your own risk

Music Machine Hoax

Imaginary & Real Music Machines

"The Insect Circus" & The Original Fab Four Band

What "The Beatles" did not know when they started...

September 29, 2006 -
"Pastoral Glimpses" Melody Potpourri

September 18, 2006 -
"The Panorama Suite" - 7 Piano Pieces from 1997.

September 2, 2006 -
More piano compositions - Sept 1, 2006

August 29, 2006 -
Avi & Rachel's 2004 CD:
Now all tracks are online

August 28, 2006 -
New piano improvisation tracks


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