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Awesome Beauty and Wonder of the Animal Kingdom

Scroll down to see the fabulous pictorials about all sorts of animals, insects and fishes. This page is constantly updated, so make sure to bookmark it. For the unusual trees, plants and geological formations, see our "Nature" category.

For a good laugh, check out our hilarious "Funny Animal Pictures" series:

Funny Animal Pics (DRB Series)

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------------ Marine Animals, Fishes, and Other Creatures of the Depths: ------------

Dwellers In The Abyss: Ugly, Monstrous Fish

Abyssal Gigantism Galore
Awesome Octopi: Cephalopods from Outer Space

Colossal squid, vampire squid, and more
Weird "Walking" Frogfish

Cutest? or ugliest? Definitely strange.
Sharks: Cruise Missiles of the Deep

Jaws! Cue the music...
Odd-looking Marine Animals
(You Never Knew Existed)

One Step Short of an Alien Life Form
Geoducks Are Strange

Nothing can prepare you for seeing them for the first time
Out-of-This-World Fishing

Big Fish Extravaganza, Part 2

Big Fish Extravaganza

Out-of-This-World Fishing

Dancing Jellyfish

Japanese Jellyfish Are Positively Glowing

------------ The World of Spectacular Insects: ------------

Victorian Flea Circuses: A Lost Art Form

Death-defying acts of flea heroism!
The Mimicry of Spiders

Sensational acts of cuteness and camouflage
Spider Webs Glamour & Architecture

Mother Nature's Jewelry
They Bite! - Ugly Bug Faces

Bug Crime Overlords gallery
Glamorous Insects!

Best Bugs in the Universe

Photogenic Caterpillars

And Other Fascinating Insects of the Thai Forest
Spiders! (Closeup Photos)

Some rather pretty "mug shots"

------------ The Cuteness of Baby Animals: ------------

Cute Baby Animals Update!

Go on a "cuteness binge", and never regret it
Platypus & Echidna Babies

Spread the echidna love!
Anteater Coolness

Life with two anteaters in the house
Newborn Pandas (cute)

Pandas get TLC from us; we get cute photos in return
Newborn Hedgehogs!

Prepare for cuteness overdose

How Baby Turtles Are Born

plus more baby animals

Baby Kangaroo!

can't pass up this "baby animal"... Have... to... post...
Kids, Parents and Tiny Animals on Fingers

Yet another incredibly cute post

------------ Other individual "Animals Category" pages: ------------

The Platypus: Nature’s "Swiss Army Knife"

This weird guy has webbed feet, lays eggs and sweats milk

When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs

Super Crocs, Boar Crocs, Pancake Crocs...
Praise to a Common Duck: Airborne Super Creatures

At a cruising altitude of a jet, in a deadly cold and no air...
Komodo Dragons: They Eat Meat

Marauding Dragons on a Desolate Island
The Cute and the Sinister:
Huggable Primates

Aye-Aye and the Pygmy Marmoset
Are You... You?

The Wonderful World of Parasites
The Deadliest Creatures
(Most Easy to Miss)

The Real Terror Lurks in Quiet Darkness
Nature's Great Survivors: Water Bears

These tiny creatures can withstand more than any other animal on the planet!
Rare Red Panda, or "Fire Fox"

Not a cat, not a raccoon... not a fox, and hardly a panda
Red Sheep of Scotland

Do Androids Dream of Painted Sheep?

Animal Acrobatics

Voluntary & Involuntary Tricks

Colorful and poisonous frogs

Beauty can be deadly indeed

Real Life "Bambi & Thumper"

Cat Owner's Tips & Tricks

What your cat wants you to know
Butterfly Wings Alphabet

Most unexpected use of butterflies
Cutest Picture Ever... What Animal Is This?

Surprise? Surprise!
The Burgess Shale Monsters

"Aliens" lived on Earth during the Cambrian Period


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