Saturday, January 6, 2007

Category: Humour

Early "Photoshop" & April Fools Pranks

Beetles that mend your clothing, etc.
Extreme Parenting & Wild, Wild Kids!

The pictures are hilarious, but the parents are nuts

Never Give Up!
Crazy Logistics, Part 11

Twisted creativity (Funny Pics)
April 1st - Top Office Pranks

Some ideas for the workplace havoc
Smile! You're in Politics (Funny Pics, Part 4)

Fighting... Sleeping... Negotiating...
Surprised Astronauts
(Funny Pics)

"My God, it's full of stars!"
People Are Strange (Crazy Faces, Part 5)

Throw the switch, Igor!..
What Kids Wish For

Awesome technology and ultimate gadget ideas
The Seven Deadly Sins of Geekdom

What your girlfriend's been telling you...
Love, Romance & Other Natural Disasters

Funny Pictures and Silly Marriages
Creative Food Manipulation

Start playing with your food and drive your roommates insane
Funny Animals, Part 12

Hilarious animals expressions!
The Nightmares and Joys of Parenting

Part 3, including the toys made in hell
Most Ridiculous Things to Do with Superheroes

Superheroes vs. The Evil Marketing Masterminds
Unforgettable & Ugly Faces, Part 4

Choose your avatars here
Never Give Up! - Part 9

When life gives you lemons...(funny pics)
Anything for the Perfect Shot,
Part 2

Photography ABOUT photographers (funny)
Hilarious Kids & Babies, Part 2

Including toys made in hell
Unforgettable Faces, Part 3

Cast your vote for the most entertaining expression
Smile! You're in Politics
(Funny Pics)

Politicians in paroxysms of thought and deliberation
Never Give Up! (Funny Pics)

Crazy Logistics, Issue 8
Funny Animals, Part 10

Animal Comedy Club, at Full Swing
Police Can be Intense
(Funny Pics)

"Are you talking to me?"
Moments in Sports, Part 6

Funniest moments caught on camera
Overwhelmed at Work

6 Tips To Overcome Stress At Work
Love, Romance &
The Joys of Parenting

Silly kids & crazy weddings (funny pics)
Best Faces of 2007

Hilarious expressions in everyday life
Tis' the Season to be Jolly

Warmest Wishes from DRB!
Wild Solutions to Common Problems

Fun Logistics, Issue 7
"Star Wars" Fun, Part 2

Best fandom in the Universe
The Art of Extreme Sleeping

Sweet dreams are only part of the story
Moments in Sports, Part 5

Rich Crop of Expressions, Guaranteed
Funny Animals, Part 8 - page 1

Could it be that funny animals outnumber funny people?
Top Office Pranks, Part 3

From rats to marshmallows, it's all game
Political Expressions, Part 2

High-profile funny faces
Absurd Logistics, Part 6

Mad Solutions for the Tight Circumstances
New Ways to Play with an Old Hardware

Creative Recycling of your old PC
Hilarious Kids & Babies

And their strange parents!
Life in the Military (Funny Pics)

It's a Blast!
The Fine Points of Romance

Love, hate & understanding
Anything for the Great Shot!

Funny Photographers (Pictures)
Funny Moments in Sports

Anything for a Win
Best of Office Comedy

Top 10 short videos, and more...
Lords of the Logistics, Part 4

Spice up your life with creativity
Top Office Pranks

Plan Your Sweet Revenge
Women's Facial Expressions

Handy guide to your girlfriends' emotions
Men Rules: Guide for Women (humor)

These are the rules we abide by; plus some extreme ironing tips
It's a Geek Thing

One Day in the Life of an Office Computer Worker (funny)
More Moments in Sports

Funny & almost impossible situations
Faces of Putin

Agent Smith or a Russian King?
Animals Having a Blast! -Part 3

It's a zoo out there
Lords of the Logistics, Part 3

Neccessity is the Mother of Invention
Top Office Pranks

and April Fool's Day Hoaxes
Moments in Sports

priceless facial expressions...
Bio-Robots (funny)

Swat that fly! It's spying on you
Really Bad Wiring Jobs

Will be a nightmare to untangle
Humour Digest, part 1

Good laughs from various sources
Weirdest Music Scores
Nuns with Guns
Good Clean "Star Wars" Fun
Moscow Metro People-Watching
"One Day in the Life of a Russian Motorist"
Church Signs & Bulletin Bloopers
Reader's Sutra, etc. (funny)
Cat Owner's Tips & Tricks
Demotivational Posters
Presidents and Babies (funny pics)
Why Bread and Water is Bad for You
Article Proving that 2+2=5
New Breakthroughs in Mathematics (funny)
Ways to have fun with words and/or annoy people
Telemarketer's Doomsday Manual
Silly Metaphors & Analogies
Wisdom according to Calvin & Hobbes
Best opening lines for a story (and ending for a book)


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