Monday, January 29, 2007

Category: Computers / Internet

The Coolest PC Case Mods on the Planet

Stylish, wicked, fast
Fantastically Intense Wiring

Part 7 of our highly popular series
Future of Personal Computing: Post-iPad Concepts

Plus Pen-and-Paper-Based Anachronisms
Cable Blues: Tangled & Crazy Wiring

Second Law of Thermodynamics Wins
Most Powerful Supercomputers: Brains & Beauty

They still need humans, and... lots of water
The Seven Deadly Sins of Geekdom

What your girlfriend's been telling you...
Office Geekgasm via USB

Cubicle Ambiance Enhanced and Boss Penetration Reduced
Stunningly Intricate: Curta Mechanical Calculators

Perfected in a concentration camp, as a gift to Hitler!
Crazy Wiring, Part 5

Ask your boss to unravel it instead
Cool Computer Case Mods, Part 2

Pure Geek Awesomeness
Three Tips for Hacking Reality

Where linear formulas and rigid thinking almost never apply
Weird Use of Laptops

When simple computing is not enough
You Know You Want This...
Steampunk Gear Masterpieces

plus interview with "Aaron Adding Machines"
The New Motor, or
The Steam-Powered Messiah

A locomotive "god" from the Victorian times
Hidden Gems of 2007

Greatest Hits from the Web, plus DRB favorites
Cool Art from Everyday Objects

Creative recycling at its best
Crazy Wiring, Part 3

Harvesting the latest crop of wiring nightmares
New Ways to Play with an Old Hardware

Creative Recycling of your old PC
Best of Office Comedy

Top 10 short videos, and more...
Most Anticipated
Computer Games for 2007

The New Era of Computer Gaming Arrives
More Crazy Wiring Jobs

Spectacularly bad connections...
How To Become a (Real) Cyborg

The DIY guide for the discerning nerd :)
Cool Computer Case Mods

Some are as radical as James Bond gadgets
It's a Geek Thing

One Day in the Life of an Office Computer Worker (funny)
Really Bad Wiring Jobs

Will be a nightmare to untangle

Computer Gadgets Roundup (funny)

What every programmer & sysadmin wants, but would never admit it
What's at the End of the Internet?

Top Ten Most Effective "DeadEnd" Pages


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