Saturday, January 6, 2007

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Don't miss our most popular FUNNY PICTURES sub-categories! Make sure to see them all (each series contains several articles):

"Oops! Weirdest Accidents" (DRB Series)

Cars, Cranes, Airplanes, and more
"Never Give Up!" (DRB Series)

Crazy Logistics & Jerry-Rigged Solutions
"Funny Animals" (DRB Series)

Animals having a blast!
"Moments in Sports" (DRB Series)

Hilarious Sport Photography
"Weird Signs" (DRB Series)

Funny Signs and Labels
Architectural Horrors
(DRB Series)

The most outrageous construction errors + Nightmare playgrounds built (supposedly) for kids

Newest "funny pictures" articles:

Extreme Sleeping, Part 2

Tired! (Sleeping, no matter what)
Automotive Madness! (Funny Pics)

Idiotic drivers and their magnificent machines
You're in the Army Now (Funny Pics)

The Funniest Moments from the Military All Over the World
Love & Romance! (Vintage and Funny Pics)

Weirdness and glamour: opposites attract!

Happy Holidays and New 2011 Year from DRB!

Chocolate is addictive, and so is the spectacular imagery...
Extreme Parenting & Wild, Wild Kids!

The pictures are hilarious, but the parents are nuts
April 1st - Top Office Pranks

Some ideas for the workplace havoc

Bad, Twisted & Bizarre Toys

Your kid may still like them, but...
Smile! You're in Politics (Funny Pics, Part 4)

Fighting... Sleeping... Negotiating...
Happy Holidays & New 2010 Year from DRB!

This is your "feel-good" fix for the Season
Anything for the Perfect Shot! - Part 3

Photographers can be crazy, with a good reason
Surprised Astronauts
(Funny Pics)

"My God, it's full of stars!"
People Are Strange (Crazy Faces, Part 5)

Throw the switch, Igor!..

Happy Holidays from DRB!

All sorts of visual eye-candy
The Seven Deadly Sins of Geekdom

What your girlfriend's been telling you...
Awesome Military (Funny Pics)

Get Your Fix of Funny Pictures
Love, Romance & Other Natural Disasters

Funny Pictures and Silly Marriages
Creative Food Manipulation

Start playing with your food and drive your roommates insane
Dolls and Toys That Creep us Out

The Doll Purgatory
The Nightmares and Joys of Parenting

Part 3, including the toys made in hell
Unforgettable & Ugly Faces, Part 4

Choose your avatars here
Crazy Wiring, Part 5

Ask your boss to unravel it instead
Anything for the Perfect Shot,
Part 2

Photography ABOUT photographers (funny)
Weird Use of Laptops

When simple computing is not enough
Hilarious Kids & Babies, Part 2

Including toys made in hell
Unforgettable Faces, Part 3

Cast your vote for the most entertaining expression
Smile! You're in Politics
(Funny Pics)

Politicians in paroxysms of thought and deliberation
Disturbing Wiring, Part 4

More Tangled Awesomeness
World's Worst Intersections & Traffic Jams

Most mental junctions in the Universe
Police Can be Intense
(Funny Pics)

"Are you talking to me?"
Overwhelmed at Work

6 Tips To Overcome Stress At Work
Love, Romance &
The Joys of Parenting

Silly kids & crazy weddings (funny pics)
Best Faces of 2007

Hilarious expressions in everyday life
Tis' the Season to be Jolly

Warmest Wishes from DRB!
Slightly Suicidal: Gadgets

These guns will make you wonder...
"Star Wars" Fun, Part 2

Best fandom in the Universe
The Art of Extreme Sleeping

Sweet dreams are only part of the story
Top Office Pranks, Part 3

From rats to marshmallows, it's all game
Strange Food Special

Taste the weirdness...or not.
Political Expressions, Part 2

High-profile funny faces
Crazy Wiring, Part 3

Harvesting the latest crop of wiring nightmares
Hilarious Kids & Babies

And their strange parents!
Life in the Military (Funny Pics)

It's a Blast!
The Fine Points of Romance

Love, hate & understanding
Anything for the Great Shot!

Funny Photographers (Pictures)
Best of Office Comedy

Top 10 short videos, and more...
More Crazy Wiring Jobs

Spectacularly bad connections...
Top Office Pranks

Plan Your Sweet Revenge
Best Faces Ever

Opening up our "Ugly Face Contest"! Vote in the comments!
It's a Geek Thing

One Day in the Life of an Office Computer Worker (funny)
Faces of Putin

Agent Smith or a Russian King?
Top Office Pranks

and April Fool's Day Hoaxes
Really Bad Wiring Jobs

Will be a nightmare to untangle
Humour Digest, part 1

Good laughs from various sources
Nuns, Guns and Seminary Girls

Religion can be funny!
Moscow Metro People-Watching
"One Day in the Life of a Russian Motorist"
Church Signs & Bulletin Bloopers
Reader's Kama Sutra, etc. (funny)
Cat Owner's Tips & Tricks
Demotivational Posters
Presidents and Babies (funny pics)
Kids, Parents and Tiny Animals on Fingers
Cutest Picture Ever... What Animal Is This?
New Breakthroughs in Mathematics (funny)
Post-Halloween Funny Pics Mix


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