Monday, January 29, 2007

Category: Cool Ads

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Cars & Girls! (DRB Series)

Beautiful cars and ladies in vintage advertising
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Uniquely Creative Ads, Issue 14

Wide-format marketing wonders galore
Weird Vintage Ads: Outrageous!

Disclaimer: we have nothing to do with this.

Spectacularly Creative Ads, Issue 13

A Veritable Fort Worth of Eye-Candy!

Outrageously Creative Ads, Issue 12

Unexpected Weirdness & Visual Candy
Creative Ads, Issue 11

No need to keep up with Joneses any more...
Thrilling Vintage Movie Posters

Spewed from Intergalactic Space!..
Shocking ly Creative Ads from the Urban Jungle

These marketers would use anything!
Russian Vintage Advertising Posters

Tzarist and Communist Eye Candy
Commercialized Clouds

Lucy in the Sky with Logotypes
Cool Ads, Issue 10

Visually arresting and deliciously weird
Japanese Creative Barcodes

Cut out your UPC label and... frame it!
Radical Mannequins

Their Love, Revolt & Ultimate Decay
Creative Ads, Issue 9

Visual masterpieces of commercialism
South Korean Subway
Goes Extreme

Halloween Reigns Underground
Creative Ads, Issue 8

Commercial Weirdness Showcase
Japan's Neon Lights

Urban Life in a Neon Forest
Cool Ads, Issue 7

Prepare to be persuaded to buy stuff
Cool Ads, part 6

Another batch of splendid marketing ideas
Painted City Blocks

How much of the color is TOO much?

Cool Ads, Issue 5 (Cont.)

Page 2 - Love & Romance
Cool Ads, Issue 5

Creativity and (wonderfully twisted) imagination
Cool Ads, Part 4

Explosion of Creativity (2 pages)
Cool Ads, Part 3 - Urban Commuting

Discover cool ads on your way to work

Cool Ads, Part 2

Powerful advertising at work
Cool Ads, Part 1

Some neat ads I've stumbled upon recently


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