Monday, January 29, 2007

Category: Architecture

Don't miss our exclusive "Architectural Horrors" series:

Architectural Horrors
(DRB Series)

Several articles on the most outrageous construction errors + Nightmare playgrounds built (supposedly) for kids

Most awesome architecture (past, present, and concepts for the future) -

Extreme Murals & Painted Buildings

Boring walls transformed by creativity
Vintage New York

Marvel Age: The City of Superheroes
Gargoyles & Grotesques, Part 1

Ugly monsters, laughing crazies

Modern Wild Looking Tables

Strange surfaces to keep your food from tipping over

Architectural Structures as Musical Instruments

The steampunk piano, and an abandoned silo Echo Device
Plane Obsessed: More Jet Hotels and Houses

Sweet dreams of blue skies guaranteed
Hallucinatory Architecture of the Future

Love, Peace, and - Metropolis
Mysterious Non-Egyptians Pyramids

James Gaussman and the Jewelled Pyramid of China

Fabulous Las Vegas: Modern Marvels

Part 2: something you might've missed

Fabulous Las Vegas: Vintage Treasures

Part 1: Glamour vs. kitsch
Living, Growing Architecture

Grow your house one root at a time
Walled Cities: Keeping Out the Joneses

Highlights of the defensive architecture
World's Most Interesting Bridges, Part 3

Awe-inspiring Construction of Mountain Bridges in China, and more
Underground Cities and Bunkers: Living Down Below

Deep calls to deep...
Narrow Buildings in Japan and Around the World

Skinny living can be... fascinating
Bladerunner Tokyo (in Large-Format Photography)

The future has begun a long time ago in Tokyo...
Sculptural Weirdness in Public Places, Part 1

Maddeningly bizarre, some very slightly nsfw
Painted Castles: Graffiti to the Max!

Some castles get a full makeover
Totalitarian Architecture of the Third Reich

Imperial dreams... and the agony of taste
Epic Abandoned Substations and Power Plants

Still generating power... to creep us out
Castles That Will Inspire And Haunt You

When fairy tale jumps from a landscape and hits you between the eyes
Unique Pigeon Towers of Iran

and other world-class pigeon accommodation
Psychedelic Furniture, Part 2

When designers go around the bend
Gigantic City-Structures of Paolo Soleri

Not just really big cities... Cities the size of mountains
Abandoned Castles of Russian Countryside

Most improbable, haunted locations
Architectural Genius of Antoni Gaudi

Melting Cathedrals and Fairytale Houses
The "Falling Towers" of New Chinese TV Center

Radical architecture for outdated propaganda machine
Radical Mannequins

Their Love, Revolt & Ultimate Decay
Most Elegant Proposed Skyscrapers

A Leaning Tower, A Loop, A Coin...
Light Bulb Creativity

Lucy in the Sky (with Light Bulbs)
Abandoned Amusement Parks

Overgrown into the next dimension
World's Most Interesting Bridges, Part 2

From A to B in soaring style
Retro-Future: Glorious Urbanism

When living in mega-cities was considered a privilege
Potala Palace in Tibet

Reverence & Devotion
The Hanging Monasteries
of the World

The way is narrow & the path is steep, indeed
Japan's Neon Lights

Urban Life in a Neon Forest
Capsule Living

Student Housing Taken to the Extreme
World's Wildest Roller Coasters

Don't have eggs for breakfast!
World's Most Interesting Bridges

Fascinating History, Unique Engineering
Environmentally-Friendly Houses

Ecologically-clean house designs
Abandoned Tunnels &
Vast Underground Spaces

Urban Exploring at its best
Psychedelic Furniture Showcase

Who said furniture is boring
Burj Dubai:
Now the Tallest Building in the World

Construction pictures, plus rival towers
Dubai's Architecture Update, Part 2

Las Vegas Clone, Rotating Tower, Death Star City, etc.
Car & Plane Parts Furniture

Unique design statement, plus ejection seat
Painted City Blocks

How much of the color is TOO much?
Communist Gothic:
Architecture by Yakov Chernikhov

Soaring Palaces of Communism in Gothic Style
Strange Towers of the Third Reich

Hide from bombs above ground, not under it.
The Rotating City

Futuristic city is in the works for Dubai -
with rotating towers, floating and "flying" villas.
Amazing UFO-shaped Complex to be Built in Moscow

Alien encounter of an architectural kind
Moscow: Futuristic Concepts from 1900 (!)

If not for the October Revolution...
Airplane House & Boat Conversions

"I'm living in a jet plane"

Construction of the World's Tallest bridge

Spectacular heights & technology

Towers Above the Clouds

Can you recognize these towers?


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