Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weird (Tasty?) Food Art

Link - article by Avi Abrams

Beware: Creative Food can bite into YOU, for a change

As you've seen in our previous parts - The Pasta Monster (And Other Strange Food Art), Creative Food Manipulation, there are many creative cooks and artists out there who can turn your mundane lunch or dinner into an unforgettable experience.

Sometimes we wonder what sort of crazy Food Art Mr. Bean would create!? (after he's done eating these crustaceans in the French restaurant).

Culinary Carvings

... on cheese:

... with apple slices:

... with orange peels:

... egg shells:

(original unknown)

The art of good sandwich:

It's a Pea, Pea World:

Waffles are great for creatively passing the time:


Extraordinary, unheard-of food

Make your tomatoes GOLD (order it here):

(image via)

In the absence of ice cream, licking blocks of ice on a hot day (circa 1911):

(image credit: Shorpy)

Soft ice-scraper:

Japanese heart-shaped watermelons, costing $160 each - more info:

By the way, this is how such unusual fruit shapes are created (more info):

(image via)

More wonderful fruit dishes:

Eat it before it gets born! -

(original unknown)

For the miniature food sculptures, visit this link. Lovely little creations.


Creative Oddities

The Whole Human (sealed and delivered to your food store):

Dog Bread & a very invasive spaghetti:

A real product: Cold-Blooded Ice Cubes -

Cookie Monster flash mob:

Jim's Pancakes site has a different pancake sculpture almost every morning:

Kitchen games:

Edible Cuties:

This "food" was born this way:


Egg Drama

Egg-drama reaches new heights at "Nocturnal Moth" - see more here:

(image credit: Nocturnal Moth)

Chicken Run? How about Egg Run -

Mercilessly shot by the photographer Ryan Matthew Smith (his "Modernist Cuisine" series is exceptional, too):

(image via)

How would you like to face this egg holder in the mornings? -

or even worse... -

(original unknown)

All's well that ends well:


Cake Drama... and other Feral Foods

It all starts with a double cake rainbow:

- or maybe a double-rainbow Jell-O deserts?

(original unknown)

Roswell UFO alien autopsy:

Marshmallow Drama (among many other great food scenes at Bent Objects, by Terry Border:

(image via)

Wonderfully creative Muppet cupcakes (see more here):

(image via)

(image credit: Andre Baumecker)

On a crime scene (art by Kevin Van Aelst):

(image credit: Kevin Van Aelst)

Feral food attack! -

(image via)

Outdoor Chtulhu sightings:

- and indoor ones:


Dishes Suitable to Weird Food

A hungry dish:

A dish of... something:

An awesome drinking straw:

(original unknown)


Groovy Vintage Foods Section

Beer & BBQ ruled in the 1950s, just as they rule now:

We're going to conclude with this helpful chart:

(original unknown)





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