Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lack Library and Gallery Hack

Materials: Lack 43" and 74" Shelves

Description: I wanted an open library to house a lot of books and have room for art exhibition as well so I started researching LACK shelves. Reviews were mixed as to amount of weight they can handle so I determined I had to attach to minimum of two studs. US studs are 16" apart and on the 74" shelves, there are NO multiples of 16" from any other holes so I
1) confirmed stud location on the wall (and distance between)
2) measured and marked future holes on the rails which I then drilled.
3) Attached rails to studs.

For most cases I was able to hit 3 studs on both lengths of shelves. I'm really satisfied with the results though I might have to add the occasional L-Bracket for some of the shorter shelves that want to dip downwards somewhat. I'm still picking paintings and statuary for the open spaces in the design.

~ Amy S, Portland, OR USA


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