Monday, May 2, 2011

Spotlight on Gisbert Van Ginkel, the very busy hacker

 "I seem to have a knack for floating stuff."

I must admit I was a little more than curious about the person behind the mysterious initials - G.V.M - who kept sending in one awesome hack after another. I knew I had to do a spotlight on Gisbert, as I would later discover, the hacker behind the gorgeous pair of dress boys. The dress boys narrowly missed becoming the 2010 Hack of the Year but it was a strong contender, no less.

IH: More on the Bedroom dress boys hack
How did you come up with the idea for the Bedroom dress boys? Credit goes to Laphoeff for the idea. I saw their bedbox in a design magazine, liked it for my kids' rooms. I stumbled upon the dress boys visiting their site. I just brought the frustration needed to see it as a nice solution for our bedroom. There isn't much space between the foot end of the bed and the wall, which doubles as the route to our balcony. Clothes got in the way cluttering up the place, and the previous solution - a free standing antique towel rack – looked nice but didn't work, it kept falling over and we couldn't keep our clothes well separated.

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