Monday, May 16, 2011

Link Latte 157

#157 - Week of May 16, 2011

The Most Spectacular Snowmobile Accident - [first person video]
Two Levels: A Natural Step Lake - [wow nature pic]
Richard Feynman Speaks about Light - [mind-boggling]
Mesmerizing: Pendulum Waves - [wow video]
Planet X... is out there? - [wow space]
The Blue Dragon! (river info) - [wow photo]
Walt Disney on... Benefits of Heavy Bombers - [w/ H. Potter]
Leviathan: Super Sculpture by Anish Kapoor - [art]
Osama Bin Laden's Last Hour - [infographic]
Another Danger for New Orleans, maps - [not again!]
Google Music Beta! (US Only) - [interesting]
Biggest Energy Outburst Ever from the Crab Nebula - [space]
What the British say; and what they really mean - [funny]
Incredibly Detailed Panorama of the Milky Way - [space]
Cool Movie with a Message: Fall & Winter - [independent]
Uniquely Designed Speakers - [wow designs]
More of Groovy Japanese SF Illustrations - [art]
Animal Station Masters in Japan - [weird]
Matchstick Marvel: Minas Tirith - [wow art]
Extreme Adventure Photos of the Week - [bookmark it]
Songs of Marvin, the Paranoid Android - [fun videos]
The Marble Cathedral Water Caves - [wow nature]
Testing Brakes: Boeing, Airbus - [wow videos]
What to do when you are bored at the airport - [fun video]
Sloths! The Cutest Baby, and Crossing the Road - [cute videos]
Steampunk Fire Dragon at the Theme Park - [cool video]
The Essence of 1980s Epic Music - [music video]
"Eye Of The Storm": Steampunk Airship Animation - [video]
Very Stylish Covers for your iPad - [gadgets]
Pakistan the Beautiful: Photos - [compilation]
You, but smaller. Order your doll here - [cool site]
Travel with Kids: Top Tips from Real Mums and Dads - [travel]



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