Thursday, April 28, 2011

Link Latte 156

#156 - Week of April 28, 2010

Eerie London Post Office Underground Railway - [abandoned]
Russia's Crime of the Century, video - [real story]
Floating Super-City: Awesome Lotus Shape - [futurism]
The Most Beautiful Mountain on Earth, photos - [scroll down]
Another Haunting Shipwrecks Compilation - [wow pics]
Galaxy Rose: Fantastic Hubble Photo - [wow space]
Stylish Chair Made From... Hemp - [design]
The Most Polluted Spot on Earth, info - [shocking]
Also: Huge Nuclear Accident, (Kyshtym Disaster) - [wow info]
Our Place in the Universe - [huge pic, but worth it]
Epic Battle of an Ant with a Spider - [wow video]
A Dictionary Source for All Languages - [finally published]
Download it as one PDF, Nostratic Proto-Languages - [info]
Extreme Urban Graffiti Art by MTO - [flickr set]
A Star Torn Apart by the Black Hole - [space]
Stolen Camera & Photos Can Be Found Here - [cool site]
Size of Africa: Quite a Revelation - [infographic]
Steampunk Cell Phones, Rubik Cubes - [wow designs]
Probably the Craziest Japanese Show of All - [who watches it?]
Perhaps the Ultimate in Animated GIFs - [wow art]
Ladies Do Bicycle Stunts: Impressive - [wow video]
All in a Day's Work: Feeding the Sharks - [wow video]
Humans in Flight - [artistic, weird video]
Getting Airborne in NASCAR - [wow video]
Whacked by a Tornado! (inside car) - [wow video]
Real Life Mr. Magoo Gag - [fun video]
Self-Sufficient Dog: Perpetuum Mobile - [fun video]
Hamsters' New Way to Roll - [fun video ad]
Avalanche Cliff Jump! (Watch in HD) - [wow video]
Amazing Views from Other People’s Windows - [travel]
Some of the Most Dangerous Spiders - [cool photos]



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