Thursday, April 14, 2011

Link Latte 155

#155 - Week of April 14, 2011

NASA Map of Global Energy Collapse, info - [Solar Flares]
Proletarian Ecstasy!, and a Futuristic Ride - [1940 movie clip]
Bismuth Crystal: Beautiful - [wow photo]
Teardown of a LCD Monitor, not a scientific way - [cool videos]
More Wonders: a Light Bulb, A Quartz Watch - [cool videos]
Soviet Cosmonaut Gagarin on a Picnic - [rare photos]
Secrets of the First Spaceflight - [interesting]
Cheat Sheet on How to Write for Movies - [fun charts]
Dream Home Inside a Garage, more - [architecture]
Impressive Collection of... Cassette Tape Inserts - [retro]
What lies under a city street - [great cross-section]
Driving a Yacht in Moscow! - [wow video]
Harrowing Tale of Life and Death- [outrageous]
Sensational Car Engine Breakthrough - [science]
Real Story: Riding the Tsunami! - [extreme]
Japanese Schoolgirls Clock (sfw) - [cool site]
Across the Internet Ice Cream Hunt! - [wow promo site]
Awesome Retro Car & Hot Rod Art - [artist's site]
Unusual Places to Get Married in London - [travel]
Beer Label Mania - [wow collection]
Gall-Peters Projection, info - [know your maps]
Huge Database of International Cooking - [cool site]
Frightening Documentary: Bhopal Gas Disaster - [video]
Face to Face with a Gorilla - [wow video]
Pretty Insane Rally Driving and Drifting - [wow video]
Yes-No! Yes-No! No-Yes! Yes! - [fun video]
A Normal Day... Among the Bosses - [wow video]
Brilliant Animation: "Crater Face" - [fun video]
Good Tools to Visualize Music - [compilation]
Online Movie Recommendation Engine - [promotion]
Cool Robots Video Contest - [info, facebook]
Spring Sing & Jazz Concert in Calgary - [promotion]



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