Friday, April 8, 2011

Extreme Sleeping, Part 2

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Tired! (Getting sleep, no matter what)

Planning to sleep in on a weekend, get some well deserved rest? Check out these extreme sleep positions... We've covered the emergence of this new urban "sport" before - see Part 1. Since then, new sleep yoga tips and tricks were captured on camera... among them:

"Rope sleeping" seems to be a good new way to train athletes:

(this is training in Chinese Army - they hardly sleep in this postition, although one has to wonder...)

For goodness sake, do not start the car without waking the poor guy! -

Coma. The Urban Commute:

Sleeping in the subway may lead to these "bat-like" hanging experiments:

The laptop warriors fall into slumber all over Tokyo:

(many image originals unknown, others are via)

This is not weightlessness (we hope):

The best way to sleep is in the care of an angel, of course:

("Compassion", original unknown)

...or on a starry cloud -

(image credit: Sofia Ajram)

And this video shows the mastery of sleeping while standing up in a subway train:





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