Friday, April 1, 2011

Early "Photoshop" & April Fools Pranks

Link - article by Avi Abrams

Have you been April-Fools-Pranked yet? If not, then fall for these quaint examples of "news" from 1938

Yes, the year is 1938. The advent of Photoshop is still fifty years away, but that does not mean that a few facts and realities could not be retouched in time for the April Fools magazine issue. The publication is "LIFE Magazine", and the resulting examples are somewhat amusing (we especially like the "stocking-repair beetles").

Copy-paste, with a bit of "clone" tool: the Ten-Stack Super-Liner!

Wise little beetles, repairing the stockings! Every lady's dream come true -

"The remarkably clean and un-frightening wreck"... and a dog without a head, or with one head too many:

Crossing the equator - literally:

Skiing in Egypt? Way back in 1938 it was a real possibility:

(images credit: LIFE Magazine, 1938)

French Victorian postcards (what's with that fish?):

(images via)

If the vintage "photoshop" examples do not strike your fancy, then you can go through more recent "Office and April Fool Pranks" series, that we've been running on this site for quite some time:

"Work from Home" Policy? -

(images via; bottom image is from the International Cats Day in Warsaw, Poland)

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