Thursday, April 7, 2011

Automotive Madness (Funny Pics)

Link - article by Avi Abrams

Extraordinary (Idiotic) Drivers and Their Magnificent Machines

Most of these cars and their lucky owners are from Russia and Eastern Europe... Not that in "Soviet (or post-Soviet) Russia the car gets to own YOU", but perhaps because the people are more desperate to use whatever they got to keep their veteran cars on the road - and we salute their ingenuity!

Get me to the church on time! -

Making the best of a bad situation

Why can't you operate windshield wipers yourself? -

Bravo! Yet another use for the old CD:

Why fix it when you can still drive it? -

Keep it filled up with gas! -

In love with your car? then order special rings:

Marry your bike! Yea, we say, MARRY IT! -

Marry your car in a car church, while driving -

Give it all-around protection:

When the cars finally die, you can still recycle them:

Use tires for fencing:

What's the point of that? -

And you die, then your undying car will keep you company:

(photo by Peter Lawson, Eastnews Press Agency)

Outwardly appearance / automotive beauty

Lovely, cute - and unutterably ugly customs - it's all in the mix:

This Bentley is prepared for anything:

And this Lamborghini means business:

Turbo! You can eat my smoke -

Over-the-top tires:

Over-the-top car audio systems:

An IKEA delivery? Hope he's got the assembly instructions:

Part of Japanese craze of extreme customizing... inspired by popular manga vehicles... or just a product of some very special madness:

Bus transit courtship & romance:

Stickers are always fun:

Look inside: great interior features!

This seems a bit heavy on gadgets and monitoring, but apparently all this stuff is useful in a race: this is the new VW Race Tuareg built for the Dakar Rally 2011 - more info:

(image via)

DIY Bike Customs

Three wheels and three sticks... that's all you need:

(photo credit: Popular Mechanics, 1934)

And when you are in the more serious mood (this monster bike was built in Netherlands, more info):

(image via)

Trunk enhancements... and still hauling way to much!

Arrrgh! -

Trailers are fair game, too

When you lack the funds to buy actual trailer, then everything "similar to it" can be used - with varied success:

Exceptional parking as a way of life.

Some parking photos will make you wonder, how on Earth could that happen? -

Cars vs. Snow pages were quite popular on DRB short while ago:

Sweet revenge on a police car:

Accidents? They are facts of life... a little humor goes a long way:

Simple driving is not enough - you have to perform some acrobatics

The Bionic Woman vs. a Mini:

The Bionic Mr. Bean vs. a Mini:

Texting, talking, dialing: he's the master of it all! -

These cars have seen better positions:

Blame it all on a dog:

Get famous! - get a Harrison Ford picture:

(many images were received without credits - originals unknown; others were found via 1, 2, 3)




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