Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Link Latte 142

#142 - Week of September 29, 2010

Time Likely To End Within Earth's Lifespan - [love this headline]
The Interconnected Chart of Beers - [great infographic]
Foam Printer Cloud Sculpting - [cool video]
Inside the World’s Most Opulent Private Jets - [photos]
A diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats - [space]
Australia's Lost Mega Animals, gallery - [fascinating]
Aletrnative Reality Generator - [funny site]
Unique Land Art & Outdoor Typography - [art]
Beautiful Macro Pictures of Insects - [nature]
Neat Design: Wild Froggy Trike - [concepts]
Automatic Menu Translation Fail, more - [hilarious]
Constructing a Medieval Castle, Today! - [great project]
Spider-licious Fine Art - [flickr set]
A Science Article in A News Blog - [funny]
Most Frightening: Fire Hurricane, Fire Tornadoes - [WW2 atrocity]
How to Make Giant Books - [for fun and profit]
Twisted and Detailed Collages by Lola Dupre - [art]
Would You Know Hitler's Face if He Settled Near You? - [pic]
What's This With Nazis & Skulls? - [fun video]
A Kiss From Tokyo - [60s-style animation]
Some Extreme Animated Violence - [hilarious trailer]
Bullet Hell Arcade - [impossible video game]
Surprise: Bringing Opera to the Market - [flash mob video]
Some Extreme Turnarounds, more - [wow videos]
Almost Crashes, more - [traffic videos, loud audio]
Breakneck Moped Stunt - [wow video]
The Best Feel-Good Commercial in the Universe! - [fun video]
DVD Mega Sale - All DVDs only 1 Dollar - [promo]



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