Saturday, September 11, 2010

Link Latte 141

#141 - Week of September 11, 2010

Tesla Lightnings / Electric Guitar - [fantastic, don't try this]
Arthur C. Clarke Predicting the Future in 1964, (2 Parts) - [futurism]
The Cephalopoda: Squid Never Looked So Good - [vintage art]
Bladerunner: Hades Landscapes - [video, fx creation]
Radio of the Future, 1942 - [vintage design]
Zeitguised: Peripetics, Antony Gormley - [modern art]
Lots & Lots of Cutest Exotic Baby Animals - [cool site]
Norman Rockwell: A Day in the Life of a Little Girl, Boy - [funny]
Super-stylish Houseboat Living in Germany - [architecture]
iPhone as Digital Microscope - [wow video, gadgets]
World's Biggest Naan Bread - [wow pic, weird]
Adam Magyar: Check out his Squares Series - [photography]
Why We Sleep? Great In-Depth Overview - [science, video]
Best Speed Bump Idea Ever? - [optical illusion]
Arctic Technology, Haunting Landscapes - [photography]
DIY Plumbing Disasters (scroll down) - [pics, videos]
Great Travelogues and Photography - [cool site, travel]
Most Curious iPhone Prank Apps - [geek tech]
Cat Demonstrates Patience with Humans - [fun video]
The Easiest Way to Create Starship Effects - [cool video]
Villa Yacht by Hermes: The Ultimate Boat - [wow video]
Coming at ya!.. Wow, no one was hurt, full video - [wow video]
Recording a plane's propellers with a cell phone, info - [wow video]
The Human Pac-Man Performance - [cool video]
Near Misses With Trains - [video compilation, graphic]
Tribute to Transformers, Russian Lada Style - [cool video]
Cats Like This Grass... Way Too Much! - [fun video]

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