Saturday, March 26, 2011

Link Latte 154

#154 - Week of March 26, 2011

New Mind-boggling Tsunami Video - [wow nature]
Our Solar System in a Beautiful Motion - [cool site]
Pop-up Restaurant Comes Near You! - [architecture]
Sinister Black: Sand Storm in Kuwait - [wow video]
Fantastic Photos of White Sea Jelly Fish - [nature]
Awesome/Creepy Japanese Dancers - [Machine Civilization]
Surreal Art by Craola, more - [wow art]
The Tarantula Nebula, in all its glory - [wow space]
Cartozoology? - and why not? - [weird]
Jonathan Ive: Design Genius behind Apple - [tech]
Spiders escape flooding in a tree, info - [wow photo]
Zoom In...Enhance...Awesome Art by Sagaki Keita - [gallery]
Recycled: Steampunk Timepieces, Water Towers - [design]
Great-looking Hybrid Bikes - [cool design]
Nightingale Island Oil Spill - [photos, video]
Martian Landscapes - [Big Picture]
Top 25 Novels for Steampunk Aficianados - [great list]
Good old hippie travel is alive! - [Facebook page]
Strange Sight of a Truck Hovering over Mountain - [weird]
Elegant "Plastic" Art by Elizabeth Moran - [art]
Causing Avalanche in North Osetia - [wow video]
Want to actually see radiation? Try "Cloud Chamber", info - [video]
Aerodynamic SmartBird Flying Robot - [wow video]
Cat vs. Blu-Ray Player - [fun video]
Russian Tow Truck vs. Parked Cars - [wow video]
Jedi Knights Play Badminton - [wow video]
Cute Citroen "Bip Bip" Video - [cool video ad]
Mesmerizing Video of Drawing with Water - [wow video]
Most incredible Book Store - [compilation]
Awesome Tools to Visualize Music - [cool sites]



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