Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Link Latte 152

#152 - Week of February 28, 2011

A Monster Sun Prominence: NASA Video - [spectacular]
Star Fields Turning (watch in HD) - [wow video]
Fantastically Detailed Plasticine Army - [wow art]
Abstract Maps of the River Systems - [subway maps?]
The Ruined City: WW2 Warsaw Reconstruction - [wow video]
Sad Documentary: Post-War Germany - [long video]
A Personal Semi-Submarine - [cool concept]
Cool Modern Version of a "Piggy Bank" - [hungry gadget]
Polish Posters for Godzilla and Others - [cool art]
Red Bull Extreme Photography Winners - [wow gallery]
Greatest Movie Titles & Opening Sequences - [videos, lots]
One of the most impressive sculptures- [art]
Design "Clouds" of Most Common Words on Your Site - [cool site]
Fascinating & Unique Gardens - [travel]
If you can eat-it-all, it's yours free! - [weird list]
Actors in Character: Great Faces! - [funny pics]
Very Weird Wild Plants of Japan, example - [wow videos]
Another awesome "Pink Tentacle" compilation - [weird art videos]
"Celestial Maelstrom" Wow Jewelry, more - [design]
Famous Objects from Classic Movies - [cool trivia site]
Mystery "Creature": probably just underwater rock - [wow video]
DIY Bolivian Bridge: Dangerous? - [wow video]
Fail Videos (if you like this kind of thing) - [some gross]
The Real Unstoppable Train Incident - [wow video]
The Most Stubborn Robber on Earth - [fun video]
Simon's Cat vs. the Sticky Tape - [fun video]
Easy Parking with the 5th Wheel! - [vintage video]
Most Spectacular Carnivals in the World - [compilation]



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