Friday, July 25, 2008

Yellowstone Supervolcano

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Yellowstone Supervolcano

Yellowstone National Park is the site of a recurring supervolcano. Watch this video that shows possible scenario of eruption, and make sure to click to this interactive presentation of Discovery Channel for details.


This picture shows the comparative size of historic eruptions (note the Yellowstone previous ones) -

... and the ash beds these titanic Yellowstone eruptions produced:

This link combines lots of such info on one page.

(image credit: BBC)

Today's pictures & links:
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Incredible Surreal Art by Wojtek Siudmak

Wojtek Siudmak paints the fantastic, the grotesque, the unusual - with considerable skill:

(art by Wojtek Siudmak)

Good addition to our "Surreal Art Update"


Folding Car (good for parking)

BRB Evolution designed by Daniel Bailey - folds up to save space! More info:


Shocking. Scary.

Some works of Ricardo Salamanca are beyond shocking. Visit his site with caution.


Some spots are still available

Somebody is really hungry for their news.


Mixed fresh links for today:

Night in the Laboratory: Everything's Quiet - [photos]
Periodic Coffee Table (w/ samples!) - [not poisonous?]
Green Art, Design & Technology - [awesome review]
KGB Nuclear Bunker under Moscow - [abandoned]
Something is strange with this beach - [cool art]
How to recycle a dumpster - [good idea?]
Super Extreme Mountain Bike Riding - [wow video]
Fall out of the sky and grab a fish - [wow video]
If Fonts Were People - [fun video]


World's First Sand Hotel

We say that with some irony, of course. This is a work of sand art (a good addition to our recent "Sand Art" article) that recently graced the Weymouth Beach in Dorset, UK.


Fresh Flowers for Your Morning

Beautiful shots, courtesy of Ariskveda:


Urban Graffiti with a Vengeance


Animation Backgrounds Gallery

New cool site Animation Backgrounds is dedicated to hunting down, displaying - and even recreating! - some of the best background art for cartoons (which often gets overlooked otherwise). Some interesting examples from "Cinderella" and "Snow White" -


Nothing Personal -


In the same spirit as the last picture in our previous biscotti - here is an image (which we sincerely hope is Photoshop)


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