Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crazy Soviet Georgian Jazz

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Crazy Soviet Georgian Jazz

This is something else... Performed in 1969 by "Orera", it features famous Georgian movie star Vakhtang Kikabidze on drums - real fun starts at 53 seconds count.


Today's pictures & links:
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Building an idol to a.... Gamer

This ad is wonderful on so many levels... Click to enlarge:


Experiments with the Moon

Plenty of things you can do with this old cratered celestial body, not too far from your home. See more ideas at this "Moonrise" gallery.

(image credit: Laurent Laveder)


Ants Bring Eggs

Seriously cool sculpture:


Children Need to Play

Even if there are no amusement parks in a thousand mile radius...


Mixed fresh links for today:

This is what abandoned super-mansion looks like - [abandoned]
Most Incredible Light Phenomena, More!! - [nature]
Cold War bunker inside Brooklyn Bridge - [fascinating]
Antique Elvis Discovered (1800 years old) - [weird]
Art from ordinary objects (overview) - [urban art]
Funky Drummer (7 years old girl) - [wow video]
Lions Chilling Out - [fun video]
Don't try this!!! Super Catapult - [wow video]
Lecture Opera (as a prank) - [fun video]



Patience is a virtue:

(originals unknown)


Jean Michel Jarre in his studio

Jean Michel Jarre is still the king of electronic harmony... His incredible sounds were originating from this equipment? Yes, highly customized synths, tape loops and electronic devices:

Wiki article lists some of the strange instruments he used.


Perfect for spaghetti western music scores?

(image credit: modernmechanix)


Bad Fertilizer:


The Udderly Irresistible Creamer

Part of very impressive collection of creative design ideas... for everyday life. See the rest here, all made by WorldWideFred design powerhouse:

The Woodoo Doll Toothpick Holder "Ouch!" -


She's got what it takes, and she's not afraid to use it:



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