Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Designing the Stop Sign

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Designing the Stop Sign

Designed by a committee, paying maximum attention to client's requests.
- via

Today's pictures & links:
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Trees Have Eyes

A natural thing, not Photoshop:

Found on Esao Andrew's site. By the way, click on the "Painting" link - his weird art (some nsfw) is quite interesting.


Gothic Machinery

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye brings heavy machinery to another level of sophistication:

See more of his elaborate work here, and explore his "pixelated" site.


Fly Across Walmart

Denis Darzacq is another photographer who makes his models defy gravity in seemingly common settings. The first, of course, is amazing Li Wei whose work was extensively covered on the web recently (make sure to visit his site, it's simply unreal).

Denis Darzacq brings surreal fly-overs to your local grocery store:

(image credit: Denis Darzacq)


Rosy-Lipped Batfish

(image credit: Birgitte Wilms, National Geographic)

Good addition to our recent "Odd-looking Fishes" article. Here is another seriously weird batfish, the "short-nosed" kind:

(image credit: David Doubilet, National Geographic)


Mixed fresh links for today:

10 Ugliest Cars Sold in US - [pretty ugly]
Idiotic and Dumbest Criminals: 5 top videos - [funny]
Interesting List of Exotic Fruits - [food]
Eye Lid Jewellery Contact Lenses - [weird design]
Underwater & Oceanic Oddities - [wow review]
You are Beautiful (keep clicking on the image) - [funny art]
2-Dimensional Trippy Music Video - [cool video]
Compilation of News Slip-Ups - [hilarious video]
Traffic in Tehran: Organised Chaos - [car video] - via



(original unknown)


Stuck on a pole...

(images by Newspix / Rex Features)

More info. Like someone suggested, koalas now live on a pole because trees are gone?


Clock suspended in a crystal, powered by temperature change

Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos 561 mechanical beauty, designed by Marc Newson. More info


Fashion not for the faint-hearted

Indian designer Vivek Kumar's creation for the Lakme Indian Fashion Week in Mumbai, 2008

This last piece I actually like - it can be a good shield against accidental encounters with propaganda and other Orwellian brain assaults.


Pre-Google Mapping Van?

Not according to this article. This fine 60s van is also a part of the great list of "spy" vehicles (actually TV detectors) here.


Did you see "Wanted?"

This neat little matchbox label from 1950s Russia clearly says: "To travel on the train roofs is dangerous" (tell it to the Angelina Jolie / Fox)

On the other hand, it implies that some people in good old Russia actually traveled like this quite often.



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