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Vintage Stewardess Photos, Part 3


Also read Part 2 and Part 1

When flying was attractive in oh so many ways

More of the wonderful promotional shots from the Golden Age of commercial aviation. Big Thanks to all contributors, who sent in the materials for this follow-up page.

Trans World Airlines:
(originally Transcontinental & Western Air)


(image credit: Cheelah)

(image credit: Cheelah)

(image credit: Cheelah)

High Style of Flying by British Airways

British Airways Museum displays a great collection of vintage airliners and interior shots, including a glimpse of BOAC stewardesses' attire in 60s and 70s. (thanks for the tip by Patti Evans, who herself was an airline stewardess from 1970 - 1988 for BOAC/British airways)
Click to enlarge images.

(images credit: British Airways Museum)

Meal on TWA, 1950:

(image credit: Plan 59)

More TWA in the 70s:

(image credit: Luciens)

Emilio Pucci's Gemini 4 collection for Braniff Airlines, 1965:

(image credit: stylecouncil1)

Here is a picture from the Russian "Aeroflot" airline from the same era:

(image credit: clashmaker)

and in modern days:

In the beginning...

Rare shots from the start of commercial aviation in the late 30s and 40s:

Possibly the secret of their charm?

(images credit: durga666)

Extrapolating same beauty into space

If you think airline travel was glamorous in these days, think about how space travel was imagined at the time... With the same groovy-dressed stewardesses, no less.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" offers us a glimpse of the uniform of a Pan Am stewardess on a moonliner:

(images credit: bittercinema)

Serving Meals on the "Aries" Spacecraft:

(image credit: bittercinema)

Enjoying the "Playboy" magazine:

(image credit: bittercinema)

Russian Space Stewardesses from the 50s:

Additions to PSA and Southwest files

This picture shows PSA uniforms in 1967 (too bad for the dotted pattern, the photo was printed on the back of a ticket)

(image credit: southerncalifornian)

Just Passing by...
(Southwest Airlines)

(image courtesy Ultraswank)

Fast-forward to the modern times:

Looking forward to see some beautiful faces on your favorite airline? Here are some modern ads that seem a bit unrealistic:
Click to enlarge.

(image credit: Fethi Karaduman)

Courtesy of: Braniff, The Association of Former Braniff Flight Attendants Site, The History of Braniff International, Ultraswank


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