Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Link Latte 124

#124 - Week of December 7, 2009

The Most Complicated Book Plot, info - [mind-boggling]
Hilarious Intruders; Making Secret Service All Jittery - [fascinating]
Interactive Portraits of the World Leaders - [photography]
A Catalog of Nautilus Designs - [wow site]
Found Magazine: it may suck you in - [funny notes]
Eye-opening Collection: Anglo-Saxon Gold Hoard - [flickr set]
The World's Smallest Snowman - [microscopic]
Stunning Interior Design: Volkswagen’s "Autostadt" - [architecture]
Incredibly Inventive Eyewear - [steampunk art]
The only potentially immortal creature on Earth - [cool info]
London Skyline Recreated Using Vegetables - [wow art]
Face-off with a Deadly Predator - [harrowing video]
Dogs Commiting Suicide for a Mysterious Reason - [spooky info]
Beautiful Steam Engines in NYC - [pics]
Perhaps the most heavenly piece Bach ever written - [wow music]
Fantastic Voyage: Microscopic Trip - [spectacular visualization]
Cool Paper Art from Money Bills - [weird art]
Brilliant Bedroom Interior Ideas - [compilation]
Dead Chickens. Mighty Weird - [strange art]
Strangest Gadgets for Christmas - [gadgets]
"Garage Band" with a Groovy Song - [music video]
Otters having too much fun - [wow video]
Impressive light display over Waterloo Station - [wow video]
Sneezing Baby Elephant - [fun video]
Window Cleaning of Burj Dubai, Suspended Outside - [wow videos]
Guinness Slide: Another Ad Masterpiece - [cool video]
Surreal, Classy Animation: "The Passenger" - [took 8 yrs to make]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]
Futuristic Waterworld Projects - [futurist]
Natural & Herbal Treatments for Aches & Pains - [health tips]
Surreal Paintings Collection - [compilation]



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