Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays and New 2010 Year from DRB!

Link - by A. Abrams

This is your "feel-good" fix for the Season

First, we'd like to thank our fantastic readers, gentlemanly and scholarly commenters, our knowledgeable contributors and interpid explorers for their wonderful support in 2009 - and by the way, we have a few fantastic sweepstakes and giveaways up our sleeves in the beginning of 2010 (such as an all-expenses-paid trip to the exciting travel destination, courtesy of DRB and our sponsors, for example - watch our news in January). We are also very excited to welcome some talented people to our team of writers and photographers: expect to hear from them soon.

End of December is perhaps the most exciting time of the year: in-between days for all sorts of holidays, xmases, hanukkahs, newyears, hopes and joys - so why not have a blast celebrating it? So here we go again, with "FUNNY FUZZIES & FUZZY FUNNIES" end-of-year collection on DRB:

(image via)

We got SQUID cards (designed by Ernst Haeckel) this year - more info:

(images via)

Cute vintage Japanese cards (Google-eyed?):

(images via)

(image via)

Great French cards by Jean-Baptiste Monge (see and order more at his site):

(images credit: Jean-Baptiste Monge)

Speaking about Hanukkah, here is a picture of how this wonderful time was celebrated at our household:

(image credit: Avi Abrams)

Something for the soul - a beautiful nativity scultured relief on a cathedral in Orvieto, Italy:

(image credit: Ambra)

Glamorous ladies (with sweet, sweet smiles to brighten up the day)

More eye candy to greet 2010 - beautiful vintage ladies in movies and advertising of the 1960s:

Colleen Corby:

Hayley Mills:

Natalie Wood:

Agnetha Faltskog:

Dolores Hart:

Cars... were glamorous once, too:

But we digress... coming back to the holidays and seasonal themes:

Decorations not for the faint-hearted

The whole street covered with lights (I guess you will have to hover over it, overjoyed) -

Recycling your bottles:

On the left: you probably have seen this picture - the hanging guy is part of the decorations, too (which caused a few good people and sweet old ladies to come up with a ladder and try to heroically save the guy). And the decoration on the right is called "The Deer Hunter", of course:

Saving some electricity bills and effort:

Light up the night, with vengeance:

(image via)

All sorts:

2010 is not 2012, thank goodness, so -

Looking into the future with confidence:

(image via)

For reasons beyond our control we had somewhat less posts in 2009 than we intended. But things are looking great for 2010: we have a treasure-trove of unbelievably cool stuff to show you in the coming weeks - so stay tuned and (hopefully) excited.


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