Sunday, July 12, 2009

Link Latte 115

#115 - Week of July 11, 2009

Zoom Into This Ant! - [micro-photography]
Speculative Fiction Tropes: many articles - [addictive site]
Hong Kong 3-D Detailed Map! - [fascinating]
Futuristic Mobile Homes - [auto, tech]
Map of Science, hi-res image - [wow chart]
Mobile Synagogue in Moscow, photos - [interesting]
Where does the money go? - [paycheck chart] - via
Uncanny Ultra-modern House Designs - [architecture]
Evolution of the Afganistan Flag - [history, pictures]
Apocalyptic (sunken) N.Y., also - [art]
Live Air Traffic Feeds (check out Amsterdam activity) - [cool site]
Formation of a tornado in Moscow area, photos - [wow nature]
The Strangest World Atlas Ever - [wow art]
Accents and dialects in the UK (with samples) - [interesting]
Stunning Ceilings! - [architecture]
Coolest "science" t-shirts - [design]
Gamer pay real debts with virtual money - [tech]
Vintage Ballantine SF book covers, on 12 pages - [scroll down]
Creepy idea: "all-ears" portraits - [funny pics]
New on-going illustrated apocalyptic story - [cool site]
The Weirdest Animal Babies - [pictures]
Fantastic "Infinity" Urban Imagery Video - [video ad]
What is this thing??.. - [weird video]
Making CD Bubbles - [when you got nothing else to do]
Incredible dynamic sand painting from Ukraine - [wow video]
Mad, mad, mad gymnastics - [fun video]
100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers - [cool video]
Dedicated to all frustrated office workers!! - [epic short film]
Make stunning Flash websites for free - [promotion]
Gadgets recycled from unwanted stuff - [geek]



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