Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Link Latte 114

#114 - Week of July 1, 2009

Futuristic Movie Timeline, larger - [cool chart]
Ant mega-colony takes over world - [wow nature]
Videos about the symbols of physics and astronomy - [science]
Diving Gunung Api: Volcano of the Sea Snakes - [wow travel]
Russian scientists vs. dog's severed head - [weird]
Visual Economics: great infographics, example - [charts]
Life and death in the storm drains of Las Vegas - [flickr set]
Ways to get on top of a rainforest canopy - [cool article]
incredible imagery of the Salton Sea - [abandoned]
Interesting modern spacesuit design - [space tech]
Electrifying "High Voltage" Photography - [art]
Unknown life forms in Carolina sewers... fake? - [gross video]
Miracle rescue robots from Japan - [wow tech]
Cool round-up of concept bikes - [design]
Ecological disasters shown in a zoo in Vienna - [interesting] - via
Fantastic Fashions and Strange Styles - [compilation]
Neat creative job opportunity in London... - [cool project]
...or you can just drink around the world, in 80 pubs - [cool site]
"Competitive advertising" and vintage creepy ads - [funny]
12 Things You THOUGHT Were Bad for You... - [weird]
No lifeguard on duty... sad abandoned pools - [neat photos]
Everything you wanted to know about dogs in bags!! - [fashion]
Russian cruise company offers pirate hunting trips - [weird]
The Idiot Box: Drama of TV heads - [cool video]
Ducks going up the escalator - [fun video]
Winston Churchill's declaration, put to a space tune - [fun video]
Crazy (dancing) Romanian truck driver - [fun video]
The "Web Site Story" Musical - [epic short film]
Blu Electronic Cigarettes - [cool idea, promotion]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]
The "Most" Humans: interesting facts - [can be gross]



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