Friday, May 11, 2007

Link Latte 8

#8 - Week of May 7, 2007
Google Super-structure in Oregon - [server farm] [flickr]
Atmospheric Optics: halos, rainbows, etc - [great website]
Starships to scale: ultimate collection - [cool site] [pics]
First Photo from Space (from 1946) - [article]
Millions of Germans killed after World War II - [history] [wiki]
Most Unusual Church Buildings - [architecture]
Cloud Gravity Wave: Freaky! - [video] [nature]
New York Underground Cross-section pic - via - [urban exploring]
White Parrot: from baby bird to full-grown bird - [cute pics]
Crow vs. Rat, rat wins - [animals] [video]
Pre-Radar Acoustic Detectors - [weird] [technology]
History of Miniature Writing - [fascinating]
20 Most Bizarre Hotels - [travel]
A Tour Inside Soviet Submarine - [photos]
Superman in Arab World: very different - [curiosity]
Cloning in Video - [amazing music video]
A City of 2 Million Without a Map or Even Street Names - [travel]
Not every puddle is meant to be crossed - [women drivers] [funny]
Knitted Digestive Systems and brains- for fun and profit - [weird]
The BEST Homemade Rube Goldberg Machine - [flash video]


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